IQRA’s method of performing in today’s competitive market is a major advantage for its company. It has adopted the “5S Methodology” of working in the organisation which is fundamentally a concept of the Japanese culture of work.

It basically focuses on 5 elements that will ultimately lead the company to achieve greater organization, standardisation & efficiency – all while reducing costs & boosting productivity.

1 SEIRI (Sort out) – To start with IQRA believes that better organization of tasks; processes & responsibilities will improve efficiency of the company & its employees. By sorting & delegating it becomes easier to spot errors & rectify them. By ensuring this IQRA is able prevent wastage & reduce costs in manufacturing and exporting.

2 SEITON (Set in order) – It is impertinent for an organization to have a well set system, and IQRA has been able to achieve it. It has set up a well-defined system internally and externally that easily segregates work and processes according to its level of priority. Meeting deadlines & executing orders within timeframes ensures flow of work to be much smoother and simpler.

3 SEISO (Shine) – IQRAs objective is to strive and ensure that the system and its practises adopted are further improved. IQRA believes that there would always be scope for improvement by looking back and learning from past experiences.

4 SEIKETSU (Standardise) – “Every process has a standard.” This is what IQRA abides by, to ensure that its products maintain stability for its customers. The main objective of our company is to exceed every benchmark and standardize the best practices& processes that will make our firm possess a competitive advantage.

5 SHITSUKE (Sustain) – By adopting and practising the 4 elements above, IQRA endeavour is to sustain these practices to give itself a competitive edge in the global market for many years. Over the years we have accomplished a lot with the complete support of our clients. We strive to improve our performance to meet the expectation of a dynamic business environment in the future.

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