Product Specification

IQRA Specification

IQRA has a full – fledged structure that has been designed in the most meticulous way to provide the exact product that is needed by its clients.

Since Silica is a natural material found underneath the ground surface, the physical & internal components differ from region to region. There are two significant things to keep in mind for this natural resource, one being the external structure (appearance & size)& the other being the internal structure (chemical composition). The chemical composition & size of our product range are very important factors for IQRA’s customers. Every customer has a different requirement depending upon where they will be utilising our product in their industry. Their needs come with certain standards & specifications.

Based on our customers’ specifications, we deliver the product by keeping our quality values in mind. The standard chemical specifications of our products have been listed below. The sizes of each product can be customised based on the requirements of our customers.

Element Composition
SiO2 99.8% minimum
AI2O3 < 300ppm
Fe2O3 < 30ppm
CaO < 30ppm
MgO < 10ppm
Na2O < 30ppm
K2O < 20ppm
Na+ < 10ppm
CI < 10ppm
EC < 7 micro Siements per cm maximum
Element Composition
SiO2 > 98.30%
TiO2 0.05% typical
AI2O3 < 0.30%
CaO <0.10%
P 0.004%
Moisture 1.00%
Element Composition
SiO2 99.4% minimum
TiO2 0.004% Maximum
S 0.01% Maximum
B 0.003% Maximum
Ai2O3 0.13% Maximum
V 0.005% Maximum
CaO Reference
MgO Reference
P Reference
Fe2O3 Reference

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